Summer Camp

Partner with Wesley Housing to help prevent summer learning loss. Summer Camps at our four Community Resource Centers ​are only possible with your help.

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Camp 2020

Wesley Housing’s 5-week 2020 Summer Camp, from July 6 to August 14, is hosted for five hours each weekday at our four Community Resource Centers in Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church. The camp focuses on rising 1st through 6th graders, and campers are provided with exciting opportunities to learn new skills, explore the outdoors, build self-esteem, and make lasting memories. STEM activities and field trips to educational and recreational destinations in the Washington, D.C. area help combat summer learning loss. Without our camp, many of Wesley’s kids and teens would not have access to enriching summer activities that their more advantaged peers do. By keeping our campers engaged, we make sure they do not fall behind in school and stay on track for success.

Sponsor a child with a scholarship

Sponsor a camp with your organization

Volunteer your time, individually or with your community group

Sponsor a Child

You can sponsor a child by purchasing a supplemental scholarship.

​Scholarship for One Child $125

Sponsor a Camp

Summer is a time many of our kids fall behind in school compared to their more advantaged peers who have access to educational activities over break. Your business’ sponsorship of one of our summer camps will help our kids avoid summer learning loss and stay on track for success!

Please send us your sponsorship inquiries.


Volunteers serve as positive role models and work with staff at our Community Resource Centers in Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church or Fairfax County. Volunteers will help with camp activities, tutoring, STEM programming, set up and break down, food service, and more. Make a difference in our kids’ lives this summer! Sign up to volunteer. 

What your contributions mean to us:

6 Field Trip Bus Rentals – $11,760

5-week Summer Camp for 15 Children – $6,900

Activities Admission Fees – $3,000

1 Teen Camp Counselor – $2,100

​1 Community Center STEM Program – $1,000

Snacks – $800

Supplies (sunblock, workbooks, markers, etc.) – $500

Sponsor 1 Child for 5 weeks – $460

1 Week STEM Education/Mad Science – $350

MindPlay Reading software program, per child – $99
(includes access to 67 assessment tools)

1 Day of Camp Costs for 1 Child – $15


Our summer learning programs are sponsored in part by Fairfax County, Arlington County, and the following: