Who We Serve

The faces of affordable housing have shifted. Housing is an issue that affects members of the community from all walks of life. Of the nearly 12,000 people in the greater Washington, D.C. region who are homeless, more than one in four are children. Learn more about our residents and who we serve.

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About Our Residents

Our communities are filled with working families and individuals of all ages and ethnic backgrounds: We serve those living on fixed incomes, such as the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Single parents who are struggling to care for their families with just one income. Those whose salaries are just not enough — even when working two or three jobs. Service industry workers, administrative personnel, social workers, medical support staff, and public service employees. The workers who are the heart of our area’s economy.

A Closer Look


Average annual household income







African American, West and East African, Hispanic, and Asian/Pacific Islander


Older adults and individuals with disabilities