COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

COVID-19 Wesley Housing

Providing Relief to Our Residents

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many of Wesley Housing’s 3,300+ low-income residents are struggling to make ends meet. In response to the increasing need, our Resident Services team has implemented the following priority programs and services remotely:

Housing Stability

To assist with rent payments, our team is connecting residents to community resources to help bridge the financial gap while many have lost their income.

Job Stability

We are working with the many residents who have lost their jobs to apply for applicable unemployment benefits, and our Employment Specialist continues to provide one-on-one career coaching to those seeking employment.

Material Assistance

To help acquire groceries and hygiene items, we are working with our partners to provide these necessities at no cost. Youth “Study & Snack Packs” are also being distributed.

Wesley Housing Development Services Help Make Housing Affordable

A Closer Look

The Challenges Our
Residents Face

Wesley Housing’s residents are especially vulnerable because of the challenges they faced prior to the pandemic. Low education levels, language and cultural barriers, and lack of work experience or skills are some of the challenges that prohibit them from reaching self-sufficiency. Many of our residents are employed in the service industry, are now out of work, and do not have a financial safety net when emergencies such as this arise. Additionally, with school closures and parents’ financial hardships, many children are now missing essential meals.

An average Wesley household earns less than $29,000 a year

86% of residents are minorities and speak a first language other than English

100% of youth qualify for free or reduced lunch at school

20% of households with children are headed by a single parent